Action Caption

What is Action Caption?

Action Caption is a Twitter game that asks players to get creative with captioning!

We have a ton of pictures, but we want to know what they’re about! Tell us a story in ~140 characters!

What on earth do you need captions for?

Science? This is a game with a purpose! Plus, no one’s really tried this before.

How do I play?

  1. Follow Action Caption on Twitter to be a part of the game!
  2. Every couple of hours, we’ll put up an image with the hashtag ‘#captionme
  3. Go ahead and reply to this tweet with your best caption, along with the hashtag ‘#captioned
  4. Favorite any captions you like!
  5. At the end of the round, we’ll tally up the scores and retweet the top three captions.
  6. Points? You get points just for replying with a caption, plus extra points the more favorites yours receives.
  7. Repeat!

Curious about your score?

Tweet ‘#getscore’ to Action Caption.

But wait, there’s more!

  1. Missed a round? FRET NOT. Feel like helping out?
  2. Tweet ‘#getminigame’ to Action Caption and we’ll set up a bonus round for you
  3. Look for a tweet reply containing an image. We’ll ask you a question in the hashtag (e.g. ‘#funnyorserious’)
  4. Reply to the image with your answer using the hashtag ‘#answer’ followed by a single-word hashtag with your answer (e.g. ‘#funny’)
  5. We’ll add some points to your score based on your answer!


This game is a research project conducted by the Entertainment Intelligence Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The game collects and stores information directed at @ActionCaption, limited to tweet text, Twitter screen names, and Twitter user ids. This information is acquired through Twitter’s public REST API and is necessary for gameplay. For any further questions or concerns, please contact kasiu+actioncaption (at)


Most of the images have been taken from Wikimedia commons and are licensed under Creative Commons licenses. Since it’s difficult to embed lots of links in tweets, you can find attributions and links to all of the images here. (Warning, it’s full of spoilers for future images.)