Neverending Pinnacle

Kristin Siu (LMC 6325, Spring 2015)

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This game requires use of a keyboard (left, right, space, and certain alphanumeric keys).

Neverending Pinnacle is a game about climbing the ivory tower of academia as a graduate student. The player is tasked with building an ivory tower and may place blocks down in order to make their tower taller. Adjacent to the player are two rival "academics" who occasionally throw down advice while generally outpacing the player. As the player advances, he or she unlocks the ability to place down other blocks and eventually gains the ability to see things from a different perspective.

Metaphorically, the game intends to convey the experience of graduate student surrounded by successful peers and possibly suffering from Imposter Syndrome. The strange view limits the player's perception to local comparison of their peers, exacerbated by the fact that these academic rivals will always outpace the player. Block placement is limited to mashing the spacebar key and is meant to feel like a grind (especially if the player is attempting to outpace their rivals). Eventually, the player is intended to find "hidden blocks" (the metaphorical joys of randomly exploring/learning things) and lastly gains the ability to zoom out in order to view the full height of the tower. The change of perspective is intended to contrast the player's normally local, limited view with that of a more objective view of their accomplishments (absent of their rivals).

The game has no end condition (or at least until the browser runs out of memory and crashes), which if anything, is a metaphor that perpetuating this kind of perception is incredibly self-destructive and deeply unsatisfying.

Aesthetically, this game uses programmer art.

Font was taken from: here.


Left/right arrow keys to move.

Spacebar to put down blocks.

(After a certain point: alphanumeric keys 1, 2, and 3 become available, followed by the A key.)